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The Prater main alley is lined with stunning chestnut trees and runs right from the famous Praterstern to the Wiener Lusthaus – a largely stretched out promenade for a lovely stroll or walk, a visual gunshot into the wide greenery.
Once in a while, you will see riders, byciclists or the ordinary runner indulging in their passion, crossing your path.
When taking a stroll coming from the subway station Praterstern (U1) or perhaps from the terminus of the tram line N, you will experience the Viennese Prater parks beautiful nature while passing gorgeous meadows and pathway like the Jesuits' meadow or the Hay Barn water (Heustadlwasser), where the obligatory boat rental company still opens up its doors on summery weekends.

At the beginning of the last century, the legendary hackney carriage races running along the Prater main alley from Praterstern to the Lusthaus and all the way back were finished with record times from under 19 minutes back then. Keeping that in mind, guests even nowadays try to face the challenge with horse and hackney carriage - sometimes after a sightseeing tour of the city. The more unhurried option is to start the carriage ride right from the hotel – whichever choice you make is perfect – however you feel most comfortable.
Reaching the Lusthaus

By car:
The only way to reach the Lusthaus by car right now is via Handelskai – Aspernallee.

By public transportation :

You can either take the subway U3 until ‘Schlachthausgasse' or the subway U2 until ‘Stadion'; then take the bus no. 77A right to the Lusthaus.

Of course there are many more fast, adventurous, relaxing or sporty ways to get to the Lusthaus – by the so-called Liliputbahn, a lovely narrow gauge railway -, by four-wheel bike or - according to the legend - even with a dog sled. Only the attempt counts in the end though – no matter how you do it.