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Events at the Viennese Lusthaus!

The Lusthaus is a classy café and restaurant and a widely preferred place for happy events, parties and celebrations.
Sense of style, flexibility and adequate infrastructure allow us to create the perfect ambiance for any kind of event – no matter if it is a confirmation feast, a wedding, any anniversary celebration, company events, movie or theatre nights, jolly parties of any kind, conventions or presentations business-wise – the range of successfully celebrated events at the Lusthaus is endless.
And of course, there go plenty of tales and stories round of legendary events and parties at the so-called “Lantern”, the turret room of the Lusthaus.

You have the possibility to either pick and choose your preferred menu or buffet from our variety of menu or buffet suggestions or simply let them inspire you to create your own menu or buffet.

Certainly, we will always assist you and if you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us any time!