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As a reference value of the buffet composition
we suggest:
By 30 – 40 people 3 Starters
2 First courses
2 Desserts
by 40 – 50 people 4 Starters
3 First courses
3 Desserts
by 50 – 60 people 5 Starters
3 First courses
3 Desserts
from 60 people 6 starters
4 First course
3 Desserts

The buffet price is conforming to the dishes you have chosen.


Mozzarella Caprese
Waldviertler fresh goat’s cheese on salad of rocket and cherry tomatoes
Fresh Waldviertler goat’s cheese with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and fresh basil
in Balsamic marinade

Antipasti – roasted in olive oil, marinated Zucchini, aubergine, mushrooms,
pan fried peppers, dried tomatoes und Balsamic shallots with cucumbers and dill cream

Roasted peppers filled with ewe’s cheese
chicken breast roasted with rosemary on mustard herbs sauce

Pollo Tonnato – fine sliced chicken breast in tuna fish and capers sauce

Vitello Tonnato – fine sliced veal rump in tuna fish and capers sauce

Ham with horseradish and Gervais cheese

Prosciutto with melon filets or with grated Parmigiano, capers berries and olives
Roastbeef rose roasted with Sauce Tartar

Home-made boiled beef aspic with toasted pumpkin seeds and young onions
in pumpkin seeds oil marinade

Marinated herring filets on salad of potatoes, apples, beetroots and fresh dill
with sour cream sauce

Smoked trout filets with horseradish cream

Variation of fresh shrimps with American sauce and
Home pickled graved salmon with honey, dill and mustard sauce

Norwegian smoked salmon with horseradish cream

Two sort of Marchfeld asparagus with vinaigrette sauce or green sauce
in alternative served with roast beef or ham

Marinated Porcini or chanterelles with fresh herbs on rocket salad

Beef consommé
with home-made omelette, semolina dumpling or liver dumpling

Cream soup (according to the season, on demand)


Boiled shoulder blade of fattened ox
with vegetables soup, chives sauce, apple horseradish and roasted potatoes

„Two sorts of beef meat“ - boiled beef and shoulder of beef
with vegetables soups, chives sauce, apple horseradish and roasted potatoes

Stewed roast beef
in red wine-roots sauce with napkin dumplings and cranberries

rose roasted fillet tips in chanterelle cream with herbs dumpling

fillet tips Stroganoff style with Rösti

Wiener sauce goulash with boiled potatoes

Rose roasted roastbeef (cut at the buffet) with Dijon mustard sauce,
with stewed cherry tomatoes and cream potatoes au gratin or rosemary potatoes

Rosa roasted pork tenderloin
with vegetables in season or stewed cherry tomatoes and cream potatoes au gratin

Baked pork medallions with potatoes and corn salad or cucumbers salad

Roast of pork in cumin and beer sauce with warm herbs salad or sauerkraut
and napkin dumpling

Loaf roast with mashed potatoes and roasted onions

Veal shank in mushrooms cream sauce with Risi-Bisi

Oven rolled roast of veal in nature juice
with fresh vegetables in season and pine nuts rice

Zurich-Style creamy shredded veal with Rösti

Veal cream goulash with butter dumplings

Osso buco
Stewed slices of veal shank in roots sauce with Gremolata and rosemary potatoes

Oven leg of lamb with ratatouille and cream potatoes au gratin

Lamb ragout with pumpkin, dried plums and Couscous

Roasted Styrian fat chicken breast with rosemary in nature juice
with young Marsala carrots and potatoes au gratin

Baked of Styrian fatted chicken with potatoes and corn salad

Wiener pepper chicken with butter dumplings

Fruity chicken curry with Basmati rice

Crispy roasted farmer duck with red cabbage and potatoes dumplings

steamed, larded deer haunch in roots cream sauce with
red cabbage with apple, napkin dumpling and cranberries

Ragout vom deer haunch with chanterelles and bread crumble noodles

Crispy roasted pikeperch filet with herbs olive oil, served with cream spinach leaves and
saffron rice with toasted pine nuts and raisins.

In Riesling broth poached salmon filet with white wine sauce, spinach leaves and butter potatoes

Crispy roasted char filet with herbs butter and parsley potatoes

Vegetarian and small dishes
Filled stewed tomatoes

Freudenauer spinach strudel with ewe’s cheese and herbs cream

Mushrooms in season with cream and napkin dumplings

Penne Sicilian style with tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies filets

Truffle Gnocchi in brown butter with fresh grated Parmigiano

Vegetarian cabbage steak with smoked tofu

Roasted zucchini with tomatoes ragout and ewe’s cheese au gratin,
with smashed potatoes

Cannelloni filled with mushrooms and Parmigiano

Malfatti – spinach dumplings with Ricotta on carrots cream

Roasted slices of polenta with carrots and ginger cream, and fresh Coriander
Lasagne Bolognese style

Coloured leaves of salad in Balsamic and olive oil marinade
Cucumbers salad
Tomatoes salad

Ricotta and Yoghurt mousse with raspberries pulp and fruits

Chocolate mousse

Nougat cream or hazelnuts cream with hazelnuts crunch

Mocca cream with chocolate coffee bean


Home-made rice pudding with marinated sour cherries
choux pastry doughnuts filled with vanilla cream, served with chocolate sauce

Fresh fruits salad

Home-made „Rote Grütze“with vanilla sauce or sweet cream

Marinated wild berries with ice cream

Chestnut rasp with whipped cream and mountain cranberries

oven fresh fine Wiener apple strudel with cinnamon cream

oven fresh ricotta strudel with vanilla sauce

Cottage cheese pancake au gratin

Ducat dumplings with vanilla sauce

Shredded semolina pancake with blackberries

Kaiserschmarren with stewed plums

Melon cocktail in Porto wine marinated

Mascarpone cream with fresh fruits in season

* * *

Cheese board with grape, apples and walnuts