Cocktailempfang Cocktailbuffet Lusthaus Wien Cocktail - Buffet - Wien - Restaurant Cocktailempfang Wien Prater

We offer to arrange your cocktail receptions in our location,
starting from 40 to about 200 people,
for a maximum time of two hours

Consisting of a rich cocktail buffet
and all drinks – including staff members!

Cocktails include a rich buffet consisting of different high quality canapés, warm and cold finger food, delicious petit-fours and little desserts, as well as all drinks such as prosecco, sparkling wine, mimosas, wine, beer, water, fruit juices and coffee specialties.

Should you decide on having your next cocktail reception at our house, you will find a detailed list of our total offer below:

Please feel free to choose what suits best for you:

5 Canapés

2 lukewarm snacks

2 warm snacks in a bowl

2 desserts and 2 custard desserts or a selection of desserts

If you prefer to leave the choice up to us, we would be prepared to offer you suitable suggestions.



Goat cheese with tomatoes and olives

Marinated fresh shrimps on egg spread

Smoked salmon on potato cheese

Egg spread with with "Verhackertem" - a chopped bacon spread, an Austrian speciality.

Slices of grilled poularde with herbal mustard sauce

Small rolls of ham with horseradish gervais

Spinach spread with vegetables julienne

Roastbeef on potato cheese

Waldorf salad with Kiwi slices and strawberries

Melted camembert on green peppers

Cracker with tomato ragout and mozzarella au gratin

Pieces of matjes herring fillet, served on apple dill cream

Pieces of smoked trout fillet, served on crème fraîche

Homemade pastry with cranberries

Graved salmon with honey, mustard and dill

Prosciutto with melon or asparagus

Lukewarm snacks:

Quiche Lorraine (with cheese, bacon and onions)

Vegetable quiche

Bacon-wrapped prunes

Sautéed chicken liver, bacon-wrapped

Ham croissants

Pieces of poularde breast, baked

Baked pork medallions

Spinach strudel with goat cheese

Crostini (little toast) with chicken liver or tuna

Warm snacks in bowls:

Thin strips of meat, Zurich-style

Polpetti (comparable to meat balls) in tomato-basil-sauce

Goulash of veal with butter dumplings

Chicken curry on basmati rice

Crispy baked pieces of pike-perch fillet on tomato ragout

Sautéed strips of salmon on leaf spinach, with pignoli (pine nut croissants)

Venison ragout with napkin dumplings

Risotto with mushrooms and vegetables

Risotto with shrimps

Lamb ragout with polenta


Apple strudel

Austrian-style plum cake

Austrian-style apricot cake

Stuffed profiteroles

Cold sweet yoghurt soup with fresh fruit

Sweet chestnut puree with whipped cream and cranberries

Marinated wild berries with creamy vanilla ice-cream

Homemade red fruit jelly with real vanilla sauce

Custard desserts – up to your choice:

Mousse au chocolat

Mousse of curd cheese with fruit coulis

Creamy mousse with mocha

Mousse with hazelnut flavour and hazelnut brittle

Nougat cream