Menüvorschlage Cafe Restaurant Lusthaus Wien


Menu I
Consommé beef soup
with home-made omelette
Cooked should piece of fattened ox
with vegetable soup, chives sauce,
apple horseradish and roasted potatoes
Oven warm, Vienna style apple strudel with cinnamon cream

Menu II
Tomato cream soup with basil cream
Stewed roast beef
in red wine and carrot sauce with dumplings in a napkin and mountain cranberries
Mohr im Hemd

Menu III
Consommé beef soup with home-made semolina dumpling
Rolled, glazed calf roast in nature juice,
in addition young carrots in parsley butter and Risi Bisi
Pancake au gratin with vanilla sauce

Menu IV
Fresh goat’s cheese on marinated lentils with corn salad
Roasted Styrian cockerel breast with rosemary, served with stewed cherry tomatoes
with fresh basil and potatoes with cream au gratin
Ricotta yoghurt mousse with raspberries pulp and fresh fruits

Menu V
Roasted ewe’s cheese in bacon coat on marinated Beluga lentils
rolled steak of lamb oven cooked, with ratatouille and slices of polenta
Nougat mousse with brittle hazelnuts on fruits mirror

Menu VI
Spinach cream soup with soft-boiled egg
Lukewarm, smoked trout filet with cream horseradish sauce
Boiled beef and shoulder of beef with vegetables soup,
chives sauce, apple horseradish and roasted potatoes
Oven warm quark strudel with vanilla sauce

Menu VII
Fresh goat’s cheese with tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil
and olive in Balsamic marinade
Old Vienna style potatoes and chanterelle soup
Rosa roasted pork tenderloin with green beans with bacon
and cream potatoes au gratin
Hazelnut parfait with fruits pulp and fresh fruits

Fish variation
Marinated graved salmon with honey – dill and mustard sauce
smoked trout filet with horseradish cream and shrimps with American sauce
Consommé of beef
with home-made semolina dumpling
Roasted Styrian cockerel breast in bacon coat,
Served with tagliatelle with basil pesto and stewed cherry tomatoes
Dark chocolate mousse
with Cointreau orange salad and fresh mint

Menu IX
Smoked goose breast on lentils salad with Styrian pumpkin seeds oil
Zucchini cream soup with fresh thyme
Baked larded deer haunch
with roots cream sauce, apple red cabbage, napkin dumpling and cranberries
Poppy soufflé with warm marinated sour cherries and whipped cream

Menu X
Ham and roasted marinated zucchini, aubergine,
pan fried peppers and Champignons with cucumbers and dill cream
Carrots and ginger soup with fresh coriander
Roasted crispy pikeperch filet
on saffron risotto with rocket
Raspberry parfait with fresh berries

Menu XI
Home-made boiled beef in jelly on corn salad
with roasted pumpkin seeds in pumpkin oil marinade
Cream of red beetroot with horseradish cream
char filet roasted in butter on creamy spinach leaves
Oven roast of calf in nature juice,
with young sugar peas, carrots and almonds rice
Curd dumpling in walnuts butter bread crumb with stewed plums

Menu XII
Roasted fatted chicken breast with rosemary
on apple celery salad with orange filets and walnuts
Truffle porcini consommé
Roasted king prawns on spinach leaves with toasted pine nuts
Lemon sherbet
Slice of beef tenderloin in Burgundy juice
with stewed green beans in butter, cherry tomatoes and cream potatoes au gratin
Bright and dark chocolate mousse
with raspberries pulp and fresh fruits

Obviously it is possible to arrange an individual composition out of our proposal,
Specially also integrating seasonal products
For the festive table cover (cloth napkin, oven warm baguette, table flowers combination,
candle lights and menu cards) .